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A desperate Fiedler smears me for... supporting fair wages?

Well, this is fun. We caught Amanda Fiedler playing dirty, partisan politics: Lying and trying to deceive you ONCE AGAIN.

A lot of you alerted me to a text poll on my “tax policies” that told you I got “caught underpaying his businesses [sic] county tax bill” and want to “funnel” county tax dollars to my business. (Gasp! Shock! Ooga Booga!) I guess I was giving Fiedler too much credit, thinking that she wouldn’t take a page from the Dan Cox playbook and attack a small business in her district just to get to me. But, like most things with Ms. Fiedler, it’s no October Surprise to be disappointed.

The fact is, like many businesses, the COVID pandemic created a lot of headaches and struggles for us. We found out that somehow there was an underpaid tax bill we didn't know about, which resulted in a publicly-disclosed lien (from the state, not the county, by the way.) I’m assuming the notification was lost in the mail; we had trouble getting mail to the correct address even before COVID. After the new CFO assured us that the bill was not in error, we paid it right away and the matter has been RESOLVED FOR MONTHS! I get that Ms. Fiedler only really knows partisan politics, having never really worked in any other industry, but ignorance is no excuse for this malignant mischaracterization.

Fiedler is also REALLY upset that I, like Governor Larry Hogan, believe that the trades are a noble, necessary profession and the workers deserve family-supporting wages... apparently. Because THAT’S what “funneling” tax dollars means. It means that ethical businesses like mine that pay prevailing wage and support our workers can be competitive for county contracts… and Amanda Fiedler HATES that. She hates the idea that her low-road corporate donors— who get exploited labor through 3rd party brokers— won’t get rich off your tax dollars. So Amanda Fiedler and GOP politicians like her will fight the labor-supporting, prevailing wage legislation that I’ve spoken in favor of because they can’t get as big of a cut when their GOP corporate pals can’t shortchange their labor.

So, bless your heart, Amanda Fiedler, proving YET AGAIN that you don’t support businesses unless they serve your political ambitions and have no qualms deceiving voters in our district. AGAIN.

Friends, if you want to break free of this track record of dirty politics from Peroutka and now Fiedler, help me out. I won’t ever have Fiedler’s $100K to spend on my campaign, especially since she is already the kind of dishonest, pay-to-play politician special interests and partisan donors want. So help us out. Every dollar you contribute helps to reach more voters. Every share helps get the word out.

We don’t have to settle the politics as usual we get with Amanda Fiedler. We don’t have to settle for someone who serves her political ambition and partisan pals with our tax dollars. We can get leadership, service, and integrity for District 5. Vote Carl Neimeyer on Nov. 8th!

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