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Final Countdown! Early voting and last GOTV push

Ok, first, let's all get it out of our system: IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! It's been a great week of early voting! Right here in our district, Severna Park library was one of the busiest early voting locations in the state. The fist bumps and (somewhat quiet so as not to attract the attention of the "enthusiastic" Cox/Peroutka/Gillespie/Fiedler volunteers) words of support have been so encouraging! Thank you to everyone who came out to early vote and those who have already turned in your mail-in ballots! Remember, we only win when we show up. If you have a mail-in ballot, make sure it is returned ASAP, postmarked or put in a drop box NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH. A drop box is best because you won't need to worry that it is misplaced or erroneously missed being postmarked on the correct day. If you are voting in person on Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th, try to get there as soon as practical for your schedule. Sadly, we've seen some shenanigans already with early voting. While our team is looking to have every precinct covered (click to volunteer) and election judges will be present at every polling location to ensure the rules are followed and everyone is safe and free of intimidation, we already know that Republicans have been very out there, seeing how far they can bend the rules without breaking them, and told to crowd out the polls at the end of the day when working people are most likely to vote. Your vote is your voice. Make sure it is heard!

This is our moment. We have the chance to ensure Maryland is a beacon for real American values and democracy, a bulwark against those who seek to tear it down and impose their own will and worldview on all of us (and against those who will cater to all that for power). We have a chance to say Anne Arundel county is going to continue to move forward in education, public safety, improving infrastructure, creating opportunity and protecting the environment. We have a chance to say District 5 wants leadership, service, and integrity from their county councilmember. Thank you for the privilege of running to be your next councilman. It's been an honor. I hope to have earned the privilege of your vote and look forward to serving you!

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