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Good (and enlightening) times at the AACo. Fair

We had a great time out for the 70th Anne Arundel County Fair! I got to talk to so many people and future constituents about what's at stake in this election and the positive future I envision for our county. On the last day, I was able to have four out of my five kids helping me out (and running me around to all the activities) so it was an exhausting but great week!

There was a curious and enlightening absence from the fair that I noted: the incumbent councilwoman for District 5. While the Maryland GOP definitely had a presence at the fair, any mention of or from the incumbent was nonexistent. Not even a sign. I didn't think much of this at first, but then I saw our councilwoman's recent ads. In the ads, she presents herself as this nonpartisan community representative who "doesn't ask if you're a Republican or Democrat. She just wants to help." [approximate quote] It seems pretty transparent that the incumbent is trying to obfuscate her actual record and association with the extremism coming from the Republican ticket. But the truth is, at every turn, our current councilmember can be relied on to put partisanship over people. Whether it's abstaining from resolutions, such as condemning the Jan 6th insurrection, or voting for "anti-CRT" and anti-mask culture war fodder, she is right in with the latter-day Republican party. And her most ardent supporters know who she is.

We know, though, that this isn't District 5. We're about as purple as you can get— less than a 400 vote split between parties and thousands upon thousands of independent voters. She was elected on the promise of reasonable, responsible government that didn't play the nonsense partisan games of her predecessor (and fellow Republican on the ballot) Peroutka. She knows this... and she also knows that she broke that promise.

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