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What else has Amanda Fiedler deceived you about?

Did you see Amanda Fiedler's recent deceptive ad?

The exaggerations of her record and dog whistles are bad enough. But worse, she had members of the hyper-partisan Severna Park Republican Women— a group that recently promoted an anti-vaccine election denier who has called for “firing squads” for affirming the 2020 election— speak glowingly of their representative on council.

The problem? They aren't even constituents in District 5!

Yes, they have a representative and his name is Nathan Volke, not Amanda Fiedler. Knowingly having District 3 voters directly and unambiguously misrepresent themselves as Fiedler's constituents is indefensible deception. However, this deception didn't just start today. Over and over when we look behind the facade and the specious spin, Amanda Fiedler has given us a record of divestment in our community and toxic partisanship.

Voters deserve the truth. That's why we've launched to inform voters of the many ways Amanda Fiedler has failed this community and misrepresented what she has done.

Councilwoman Fiedler has relied on the fact that most people are far too busy working to pay the bills, taking care of their families, and living their lives to investigate all the spin that obfuscates her true real record. This ad just continues in the line of deception and misleading actions that compelled me to run in the first place. I refuse to let my neighbors remain in the dark. Visit and know what we have been forced to settle for. Will you help me in bringing leadership, service, and integrity to District 5's seat on Anne Arundel County council? Join the fight today!

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